Innovative Formulations

Challenge prizes:

  • Research collaboration, joint development or licensing
  • Access to business expertise and market network
  • Winner EUR 5000

Create the future of more sustainable coatings with UV-resistant binders, pigments and additives

Epoxy resin systems are recognized for their excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion performance. When formulated into coatings, epoxy systems protect valuable assets from corrosion or chemical degradation for decades. However, these epoxy systems have limited UV-and outdoor- durability. To address these limitations, we want to work with innovators to develop more sustainable solutions that make this world better, safer and cleaner.

With our Create the Future challenge, we’re looking for academic, start-ups, industry partners and innovators to help us build a more sustainable world. We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with coatings manufacturers around the world; developing more sustainable coatings for automotive, industrial and protective applications.

We are actively searching for lower yellowing reactive binders, pigments and additives to improve the UV-resistance of epoxy anticorrosion coatings formulations. We are most interested in:

  • Renewable binders with reactive functionality that can improve outdoor durability (UV resistance).
  • Modifying resins, or other raw materials, to improve flexibility, adhesion and corrosion-resistance.
  • Additives that are renewable, bio-based or recyclable to improve UV-stability.
  • Lower yellowing pigments and additives for formulation of direct to metal coatings.

By participating in this challenge, the winner will win €5,000. The winning proposals will also be considered for partnership and funding opportunities, as well as, access to our in-house expertise and global markets.

Submission criteria (Technical Specifications)

  • Description of the components' role in a coating formulation and how they improve UV resistance
  • An initial formulation proposal that can be used to test the performance
  • Physical and performance test results of the formulation (minimum data proving the UV resistance, drying time, hardness development)
  • Physical and analytical test results of the new renewable components of the formulation
  • Physical component must be available for testing (500 g)
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